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I am still working on my Chemstation reporting syntax as I have edited a lot of templates,but am rather green when building from the ground up.  I would like to create a max(Peak_Height) report for samples that will not have any peaks labeled. I am merely doing a check to make sure all peak heights are above a specific threshold, or report anything below a threshold of 0.145 peak height. I have a table created that reports peak heights in the sample, but I cannot remember which repeating filter to add to make it work on multiple samples. I am also trying to incorporate a report for our LC standard (just a generic Waters LC standard we use), which has 2 peaks integrated and no peaks labeled as the peaks can shift RT slightly and still be acceptable. I have the resolution, plates and tailing table figured out but again am stuck on repeating this across all the selected standards in the sequence. It will only show one sample. 


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    Group repeat on Injection_AcquiredDate or Injection_ID to repeat for every injection. Also make sure if you want to summarize multiple injections when you first create the report choose sequence summary or cross sequence summary as the report type. You can place a filter for sample_type = 1 to include only the standards injections. 


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