Agilent ELSD (G4260A/G4261) or VARIAN ELSD 380/385 for Chemstation B.04.03 SP2

Hello all, I would like to add an older

Agilent ELSD (G4260A/G4261) or VARIAN ELSD 380/385

to an old Chemstation running Win XP B.04.03 SP3.
The driver was called:
38X-ELSD (G4260A/G4261).
It came with a CD, but I no longer have it because the ELSD was installed on a Jasco HPLC with 1V analog data port.

Agilent 380 & 385, ELSD driver for ChemStation (Rev B.03.01 or later and C.01.01).

Maybe someone still has this CD somewhere in an old driver box?
Alternatively, I need to update to C.01.05 for XP. In this case the necessary driver
ELSD RC.Net version A.1.07 for ELSD G4260A and G4261A
 is available, but not compatible to Chemstation, but only to OpenLab ChemStation C.01.04-C.01.07.
I guess that an update to OpenLab ChemStation for such an old system is economically not worthwhile.

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