Column film is not extracted correctly from ACQ method into PMX method (CDS 2.7)

Hello guys,

for quite some time I am trying to figure out what is happening with the column information extracted from ACQ method into PMX method - column. 

In ACQ method I have configured a column like this:

The column is selected from catalog and added into inventory with inventory number K0932, nothing more.

When I am trying to make a report I am getting this:

In "Film:" I have this formula:

So it should extract column film from ACQ method. The problem is that there seems to be empty value. Evidence is in the processing method, where you can "Overwrite column parameters":

It seems to get all of the column information except column film value. 

But in setpoints everything is filled perfectly:

Have some of you faced this problem? For me, it seems to be broken. Once I tried to create a new PMX method for the already created resultset and it extracted column film correctly but it replaced the inventory serial number with the column part number. 

Maybe it is just a bug but in my case, it persisted since I used CDS 2.2 so maybe I am doing something wrong. 

Thank you for your time and good advice.

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