OpenLab CDS Base peak m/z with both positive and negative ion data

Hi community!

I'm looking at some LCMS data in OpenLab (V2.7) and have a question about the reported base peak m/z.

What I am seeing is that, as I would expect, peaks in the TIC are labelled with the correct base peak m/z; the positive ion TIC has the base peak m/z from the positive mass spectrum and the negative ion TIC is labelled with the base peak m/z from the negative ion spectrum.

What is odd is that, the DAD chromatograms are labelled with either the base peak m/z from either the positive or negative spectrum in an apparently random way!  In all of the samples that I've looked at so far, the positive ion data are stronger than the negative ion data, so it doesn't appear to be abundance that is being used to select the m/z displayed.

Anyone else seen this?  Is there a simple explanation for what I am seeing?

What I really need is both of the base peak m/z's from both MS channels and some indication of which m/z came from which; I really want the numbers in a table!!


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