Single Sample Analysis will not process

Running OpenLab 2.5

My single sample analysis runs will not process if I choose a processing method pre-run. The GC will complete the analysis, but the software stays on 'Processing.' The report is immediately generated and available after the GC finishes the sequence, but the run is not available in DA. Acquisition will turn green while run 1 is still 'processing,' as the GC is idle, but if I try to start run 2, it will stay in the 'pending' phase.

I have to 'disconnect' from the instrument and restart the PC in order to complete anymore runs.

If I start a run without a processing method selected, it will complete without issue and process without issue in DA.

I've tried creating a new processing method and a new acquisition method, but the outcome is the same.

Are there any other troubleshoots I can try? Do I need to create a new project and start over?

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