cannot turn on XML function on Chemstation C.01.10.

Hi All

As we know, Chemstation XML must manual turn on it on Chemstation,ini.

Current I tried it on C.01.01 and folder moved to Windows folder.  C:\Windows

On manual said it is on C:\ProgramData\Agilent Technologies\ChemStation.

this is a wrong, only find it on C:\Program Files (x86)\Agilent Technologies\ChemStation\CORE

but no find Chemstation,ini.

Who know what is correct?
I hope turn on XML function.

  • Hello,

    See the attached document. Please note the Chemstation.ini file location is dependent on the installed version. You should find a stub chemstation.ini file in the C:\Windows folder, as below, showing the location of the file. It should be in C:\ProgramData\Agilent Technologies\ChemStation for C.01.10 systems. 

    Marty Adams 

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