calibrating for polychlorinated biphenyls using aroclors 1242 1254 and 1260

I'm using openlab cds 2.7.  I have 3 componds: aroclors 1242,1254, and 1260.   I need to set up a calibration curve for each compound in the same processing method?  Example 1242 has 5 peaks that total 50ppm.  1254 has 3 peaks that total 50ppm.  1260 has 5 peaks that total 50ppm.  The only issue I have is that i have to run each compound separately and all of the compounds will show up smaller amounts in the other other compound since this is a complex compound.  Example 1242 will show up smaller amounts of 1254 in it.  1254 will have some 1242 and 1260 in it.  I know in chemstation, I set it up so that you could recalibrate each compound in a single injection.  I'm not sure how to do this in openlab cds.      

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