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Hello everyone,

Our sequence report template doesn't show the line# in sequential order t(his happens specifically when we run single standard method and choose the same vial location). please see attached. 


Could anyone provide their feed back on this please?

Thank you, 


  • Hi Barinder,

    The line number is taken from the sequence. When you reinject the same sample (Inj/vial) multiple times, it is still on the same line in the sequence, hence why the order appears to be missing for those replicate injections.

    There should be an Inj# column. Having this next to the Line# may help. If that column is not available, add a column and make sure its Value is: =first(Injection_OrderNo).

  • Hello,

    To get the output you are seeing, hide duplicates must be checked for that column, as I would expect to see two repeated for all injections where it is blank. You can add the injection order as a column as suggested in the previous post. If what you want is a numerical index for the table, you can use a custom calculation as below to create an index and then display it in IR. The same thing can also be accomplished by using a hidden column and storing the Sample_AcquisitionOrderNo as an aggregator, and then displaying the count as the index column. 

    Marty Adams

    CurrentSequence.AllInjections.OrderBy(function(x) x.CreationTime).Select(function(x) x.CreationTime).Distinct.ToList.FindIndex(function(x) x=CurrentInjection.CreationTime)+1

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