Import sequence from CSV file OpenLab CDS 2.7 - not all fields can be included

Hello community!

I want to create a sequence in which there are multiple HPLC acquisition methods.  When I do this directly in the sequence table, I group them together by acquisition method, and have a method before each group to equilibrate the HPLC column with the starting composition for the next set of samples.  These equilibration methods are run as No injection/Instrument blanks.  It would seem that the Injection source column is not included in the list of columns that can be imported from a csv file. 

The OpenLab Help and Learning is a little confusing on this topic; there's an image of an example csv file that includes this field Slight smile

My Ideal solution would be the addition of another type of sequence line with the action equilibrate that takes two fields, the first being the method to use for equilibration and the second the time allowed for equilibration.  This would also mean that I would need to specify the Action field in the import, which is also not currently possible, as far as I can see.

In the meantime, is there a workaround that would allow me to  import a sequence and include the Injection source?

Thanks in advance, Andy

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