how to name "two" compounds with the same name? {2 wavelenght}


We have a problem because we can not name the same compound with the same name in the identification table. We need to identify the compound at both wavelenghts to perform the calibration.


We use Openlab CDS 2.3

Any idea to resolve?

Thanks all!

  • Hello,

    You cannot name multiple components, the same name in the calibration table, for CDS 2.3. The latest version CDS 2.7 does allow duplicate names in the calibration table for separate signals. My suggestion would be to name the compounds something like Peak 1_A and Peak 1_B in the 2 signals. You could also use the wavelength or detector after the underscore if that is more appropriate. Using the underscore or some other delimiter that does not appear in you compound name normally you can use expressions to split the name.  In you reports, if you want to see just the first part of the name you can use the expression Choose(1,Split(Compound_Name,"_")). This expression can also be used if you need to group or filter for that peak name in the report.

    Marty Adams

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