CDS 2.7 install errors

I had problems upgrading from 2.6 to 2.7, and decided to go with a clean and new VM (Win10 64).  Nothing else has been installed but Win 10 has been updated.  The SPT runs and finds no errors or problems.  When I try to install a Workstation with open file system, the install starts but never gets past the first line (Dot Net check).  A "Setup Failed" message appears and no other errors are noted.  Both required versions of Dot Net are available according to Windows Control Panel.

Can I look for clues in the install files?  If so, what do I look for?  Which install files should I look in?


  • Hello,

    You can look in the install logs and see if there is any information. I am not sure at that point what will be in the logs, since you are so early in the process. C:\ProgramData\Agilent\InstallLogs

    Marty Adams

  • There are two log files.  The main file looks like a lot was going on. 

    I went back and did a search for "error" and found the following:

    • Could not create system restore point, error: 0x80070422. Continuing...
    • Error 0x80096010: Failed authenticode verification of payload: C:\ProgramData\Package Cache\.unverified\OpenLabDataRepositoryInstaller
    • Error 0x80096010: Failed to verify signature of payload: OpenLabDataRepositoryInstaller
    • Failed to verify payload: OpenLabDataRepositoryInstaller at path: C:\ProgramData\Package Cache\.unverified\OpenLabDataRepositoryInstaller, error: 0x80096010. Deleting file.
    • Error 0x80096010: Failed to cache payload: OpenLabDataRepositoryInstaller
    • Failed to cache payload: OpenLabDataRepositoryInstaller from working path: C:\WINDOWS\Temp\{BA016CFB-ABD6-4C77-BC34-ECE0A4F2855B}\OpenLabDataRepositoryInstaller, error: 0x80096010.
    • Application requested retry of payload: OpenLabDataRepositoryInstaller, encountered error: 0x80096010. Retrying...
      • it looks like it tries to repeat this one or two times and then gives up
    • EVENT onCachePackageComplete: DisplayName [Agilent OpenLab Data Repository], Action [Install], State [Failed], args.Result [None], args.Status [-2146869232]
    • Error 0x80096010: Failed while caching, aborting execution.

    I found similar messages in an earlier log for a previous failed attempt.  So the problem appears to be the DataStore install?  A corrupt download file maybe?

  • Hello,

    Possibly a bad install package, if you can download the install package again, try that first. The other possible issue would be the certificates are not update to date. If the system does not have access to the internet, it cannot update certificates the installer needs. If the system is isolated, you can use the Certutil.exe tool from an internet connected computer to create a package to update the isolated computer. 

    Marty Adams 

    Certutil: Download Trusted Root Certificates from Windows Update

    Certutil.exe CLI tool can be used to manage certificates (introduced in Windows 10, for Windows 7 is available as a separate update). It can be used to download an up-to-date list of root certificates from Windows Update and save it to an SST file.

  • I updated Windows and made sure everything was current and then got a new download.  Everything ran as expected and I am all set.   Guess it was just a corrupted download.  Thanks for your help.

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