How can i control custom calculator so that the analyst can not add in custom filed samples especially weight of standard and the other custom fields

In other words, only the admin can only add custom fields for each project then the analyst add its weight of std. in acquisition method and start the sequence then after sequence finished and start processing data can not add another custom field like weight of standard

   I hope the meaning is clear 

  • Hello,

    You mentioned both custom calculator and custom fields, so I am not sure if I am answering the correct question. As custom fields are project based only admins with the ability to edit projects should be able to add custom fields. Are you asking about the ability to update a custom field value after acquisition in reprocessing? It may take away more than you want but there is the Edit sample information privilege in the user's project role that can keep them from editing the injection list window. I am not sure if I answered your post correctly, if not please try and clarify you question.

    Marty Adams

  • Yes , this my question about the ability of user or analyst to update custom field values after acquisition in reprocessing, then i will use this privilege and give you feedback
                        Thanks alot

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