Openlab CDS 2.6 question about reporting


In Openlab CDS 2.6,

1. Is there a simple way to show in a (single sequence) report the reason for injection and sequence, or result set audit trail? Or do you know the code that is needed to show it in a custom column of the specific audit trail report item? Because we need to show it in the report, but this column is not available in these report items only in the method audit trail. (I know it can be reviewed and e-signed, but we need the reason on the report)

2.And is it possible to someway insert into a report template the result set log to show what was the warnings about?

3. What can cause that some report items after opening a saved report template turns to gray, and it is working to report, but it is cannot be modified and even the properties cannot be seen?

Thank you for your help.

Attila Kovács

  • Hello,

    1) This feature was added in CDS 2.7 as below the reason is the last option in the list.

    2) No those logs are not available in reporting.

    3) The group or object could be locked ot hidden which can cause the object to grey out in the editor. Typcially you should still be able to see properties when that is the case. The other possibility is the object was edited outside the Agilent editor in BI studio or manually in the raw template. 

    Marty Adams

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