How to get last save date of the result set (after Audit Trail Review) to a single field?

Dear community,

we are trying to find a way how to report Last Saved Date of the result set to a single field in OpenLAB CDS 2.7. We can see this date in Audit Trail table in column "Date Version", but Last Modify date available in Report items show different time.

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  • Hello,

    The date saved is not a single field that can be added to the report, it is only part of the audit trial information.  If you are on a client server install where you have versioning, you might be able to use the result set version. In the example below, I used an expression to convert the result set version text to a date so that formatting could be applied. Note this will have issues with versions with text in the version but that could be mitigated by extending the expression. 

    Marty Adams

    =Cdate(Choose(1,Split(Sequence_ResultSetVersion,"-")) + "-" + Left(Choose(2,Split(Sequence_ResultSetVersion,"-")),2) + "-" + Right(Choose(2,Split(Sequence_ResultSetVersion,"-")),2) + " " + Left(Choose(3,Split(Sequence_ResultSetVersion,"-")),2) + ":" + Right(Choose(3,Split(Sequence_ResultSetVersion,"-")),2) + ":" + Left(Choose(4,Split(Sequence_ResultSetVersion,"-")),2))

  • Thank you Martin! Nice workaround, I didn't know that the Result Set version contains this date. It works as expected.

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