Automated Data processing and report generation in OpenLab CDS

Hello Guys,

I am still quite new to the Agilent systems, so forgive my ignorance.
My wishful thinking is as follows: I have my sample sequence, press the "Run" button and at the end of the run I have the finished report already in a directory.

In the meantime I found out that you can integrate a "Create Report" command in the sequence. Does this command only include the pure report generation or does it also include the data processing?

I hope I could express myself clearly enough, and that you can support me.

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  • Dennis,

    You will need to assign a processing method to your injections in the sequence. In the processing method, you can define a report template and the output type for single injection reports. If you define a file output, the reports will be created and stored in the result set folder. You can also have the reports copied to a local or network folder. The create report line in the sequence is for automating summary reports, so which you use is dependent on the type of report you wish to create. You may want to look at the CDS_Workstation guide pdf or the client_AIC_guide for a client server system to see how to configure automated printing or file copying. 

    Marty Adams

    Create Account for Network Access and Printing OpenLab CDS allows you to automatically process your data during acquisition, without opening Data Analysis. During this processing specific domain user privileges to access a network share/network printer and log on as a service are required: • You can generate reports and print them to printer or save them as files. Exporting the reports to a network share is a typical way how they are sent to an external system (for example, LIMS). • You can export raw data or results during a run, and save the files to a network share

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