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Hi all

I have inherited an Agilent system with OpenLab and am not an expert so would be grateful for some support. 

Briefly, I have it setup so all staff can walk up, submit samples as single sample and jobs done! (similar to WalkUp). I have it setup for minimum user interaction with the results path defined as YYYYMMDD from the 'standard fields' available and all is  single project - 'Chemistry'

However, I have been requested to have different samples for different 'projects' stored in different folders and wondered if setting up separate projects would assist with this? But my questions are:

1) Once connected and launching an instance of an instrument, can you switch between projects? Or, do you need to close the instance for one project, the open a new instance with the other to proceed with a different project?

2) Can users submit single samples from different projects and they be added to the same 'queue'?

My second question if I may is about the gradient table in the 'method' section of the pump in 'Acquisition' and using this to equilibrate a column. I wondered if I was to put a gradient in this table, how to I 'run it' to say, equilibrate a column? Is this possible? If not, do I have to create a method to equilibrate a column each time and run that??

thank you all


  • Hello,

    1) You cannot switch an acquisition sessions active project. The workflow would be to have the user open a second acquisition session to the same instrument in the other project. They do not need to close the other session as the software allows multiple sessions to the same instruments. Please note you can switch the DA session active project in later versions. 

    2) Yes

    3) You should be able to run an injection, using No injection/Instrument Blank as the injection source, if you want to run your gradient on the column with no sample. 

    Marty Adams

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