Cannot load Processing Method saved with data

Using OLCDS 2.7 with ECMXT. Logged on as system administrator with all privileges.

When loading a users data set, the processing method can not be found. When the user loads the same data set logged on as them self the method is attached to the data and loads as expected. When I check the Results folder in ECM, the method is saved with the data in the result folder. 

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I believe I may have setup the project incorrectly. Previously, I had copied a demo data set to several user's projects and added a processing method, also called MS_DefaultMethod.pmx. I have since removed this processing method from the Methods folder in the project. I received this error prior to deleting the method in the Methods folder, and still after deleting the method from the Methods folder. The MS_DefaultMethod saved in the Methods folder is different than the MS_DefaultMethod saved with the data. 

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