Urgent help please on Openlab CDS 2.7 issues

Hello, I'm currently facing 2 issues with CDS 2.7 that controls a 8890 GC and 8697 Headspace as below. Any insight will be greatly appreciated.

1. Quite randomly when a sequence is running halfway, both Acquisition and Data Analysis get closed by themselves. This has happened like once a week. When this happened, the GC-HS was still running and the data were still collected even though both windows were closed. Does CDS2.7 have any timing setting somewhere or what could cause the issue ?

2. The system configuration is set to Internal and 4 different users have been created. Each user has "Everything" role. The auto-lock timing is set at 1 min so both Acquisition and Data Analysis get locked correctly after 1 min. However, for Acquisition, only the user who has launched the Acquisition can unlock it, if one attempt to unlock with another user account, it will close the Acquisition. On the other hand for Data Analysis, any user can unlock the session without issues. Another problem is that I could not find any way/setting/button to actively log out the current user as what Openlab Chemstation can do. Is this feature not available yet or the setting is hidden somewhere ?

Thanks for any help.


  • Hello,

    1) I will assume this is a workstation install. There is no timer in CDS that should fully close out DA or acquisition sessions. Only the data review DA session has a 30 min idle timer that will close it out, but this only active if you take a snapshot or review completed injections from an active sequence acquisition. You might want to look at the windows events to see if any errors around the issue are shown. The Agilent logs in C:\ProgramData\Agilent\LogFiles may also have information on the sessions closing. 

    2) Currently that behavior is working as intended. You should have the users open their own acquisition session for the instrument if needed. It is possible on a workstation with a shared OS login, for multiple users to have open sessions for DA and acquisition if needed. Chemstation needs those features as there can only be one active session per instrument, this is not the case for CDS 2.X. 

    Marty Adams

  • Hello Martin, thanks for the pointers

    1. I did look into the log files of both Windows and Agilent but could not find any suspicious events. Note that this issue also happens at another customer site using CDS2.7.

    2. Multi acquisition sessions work fine, however the "operator" field in the report does not seem to capture correctly. For example, user 1 starts a sequence of 5 runs, when the instrument is running run 3, user 2 opens his session and append 3 more runs (run 6-7-8). In the report, all run 1 to 8 show user 1 as the operator. Does the "Acq_operator" field code as the one who starts a sequence ?

    Thanks, Peter.

  • Hello,

    1) You might want to open a ticket with your local support group or informatics support if this is a client server install. I do not see anything internally or in the 2.7 released updates. 

    2) The submitter is the owner, you would need to look at the audit trails to see if someone modified during the acquisition. This can only be done if you have allowed users to edit any other user's sequences. The other option is to have the second user submit their own sequence.


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