Openlabs Chemstation RTE coding error?


I have been struggling with this coding error with OpenLabs Chemstation Report layout, I'm hoping the Agilent community may have a solution to my problem.

I'm told that the coding language for the Openlabs report templates is pretty much the same as Visual Basic, in fact the OpenLab CDS RTE guide mentions visual basic.

Alright, so my HPLC is setup to run control standards prior to running product samples - The report template is designed to alert the technician if the recovery % of the control standard is outside of +/- 5% ( this would indicate a failed control test). The column is setup to change colors (change to red) if the recovery % OOS. The coding for this column on the report template should be pretty simple ... HOWEVER.. when I preview the report I get alot of error messages stating "BC32017: Comma, ')' , or a valid expression continuation expected'.

Below are snippets of my code & error messages. Any help or advice would be deeply appreciated

  • Hello,

    I do not see a version listed in the post but there was an issue in C.01.09 Chemstation. Using a variable in conditional formatting caused the template to give an error. The editor was adding an extra = sign to the expression in the rdl file. You can manually remove the = from the template and it will work as expected. You can see an example of the issue in the raw rdl file below. This was fixed in the C.01.10 version. The other possible issue is the syntax as you do not need the = true in the expression. I do not get any error when I add that to the latest version of CDS 2.x but I am not sure in your version of Chemstation. You only need to create an expression that evaluates as true or false. If the expression is true, the change for that line will be made, if false the next line is evaluated. 

    Marty Adams

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