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I want to calculate match factor and present it in the reporting. I found that you can write: "Compound_SpectraConfirmMatchFactor' in column proporties. But how does OpenLab calculate this value? does it compare with the standard? The match factor in my case is 1000, so I want to make sure that it does not compare to itself. 

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    Search for Confirm compound identity (UV) and Add UV reference spectra for the process to setup the limits and add reference spectra to the method. The calculation used is shown below and is also available in the help. The confirmation match factor is calculated versus the reference spectra you add to the method for each compound. In the example below, when looking at the injection, I used to add the reference spectrum to the method, the match factor is 1000. The second screenshot is a higher-level standard processed with same method. In this injection the increased concentration has caused some compound's spectra to change enough to give a lower match factor. 

    Marty Adams

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