Formating question?

Ok, this report works and gives me the calculation I want (last column).  It uses the carbon number from the second column to do the calculation in the last column .  I use this report layout for this sample, dated  5/19 and it does a calculation that I want in the report for ppbc


An earlier report pulled from 4/24 USING THE SAME REPORT LAYOUT does NOT do the calculation for ppbc, BUT it does the calculation for unknown peaks

What would be different about two separate sample runs (something in the sequence not included?) That would let the report layout use carbon number in one sample run and not another?  The only reason I ask is because current runs are omitting the carbon calculation and I need to figure this out.  I've been looking for differences in the sequences and report layouts, and they seem to look identical in setup.  But there is something unique about the first run that isn't present in the run presented, and all current runs.

Thanks for any help in clarifying this

I found this in the custom fields section under the sequence tab

The runs that don't have these custom fields do not apply the carbon number.  How do I make the sequence look for these custom fields every time?

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