Bracketed calibrations in OpenLab Chemstation - blanks before the first standard

I need to build a sequence in OpenLab Chemstation that uses a bracketed Calibration, but need the first two injections to be blanks.  The Chemstation sequence table reports an error because there are injections outside of the bracket. 

Since this is possible in OpenLab CDS, I'm wondering if I'm missing something in Chemstation?



  • Andy,

    You are not really missing anything. Chemstation is limited in the options for bracketing calibration. You would need to setup the calibration as below. Please note in the example, if I had 6 samples after the cal standard bracket it would behave as the overlap bracketing method in CDS 2.x with 3 injections in the brackets. This would create a calibration for each bracket not the overall sequence. 

    Marty Adams

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