Bracketed calibration in OpenLab Chemstation - overall bracketing

I want to build a sequence in OpenLab Chemstation where the calibration curve is built from all of the calibration standards spread throughout the sequence.  I know that this is possible in OpenLab CDS but can't work out how to do it in OpenLab Chemstation.

Currently using version C.01.10, if that helps.



  • Andy,

    If you have multiple replicates of the standards in the sequence, there is really no direct way to do this automatically, in the sequence for Chemstation. My suggestion to customers is to run the sequence as normal with the standard calibration as replace the then average for the replicates and then when complete check the method calibration in data analysis. If the calibration is good, then set all the standards to no update and reprocess the result set to calculate the samples with the overall calibration.

    Marty Adams


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