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Hello everyone,

How do I represent my data in reporting? I have calculated the Average amount of CBD, CBN and THC:

But where in reporting do I find these results and what filter do I use?

  • Hello,

    If you have data loaded and processed with the custom calculations, in the report editor you can find the custom calculations results option under compounds, signal, injection, and sequence. When you double click to add the value to the expression a dialog will open and show all available custom calculations at that scope. One thing to note based on your screenshot, if you uncheck the visible option the CCs will not be available to report in IR. You should only make CCs invisible if you do not want to see them in DA or report the values in IR.

    Marty Adams

  • My mistake was that the CCs were not visible, but after it was marked as visible, I could present the data. Thank you!

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