Save OpenLab CDS Data and Reports in Excel Format

My supervisor really wants our lab to be able to save sample data/reports in an Excel format. This will help with streamlining both QA and the post-processing we need to do on certain results. I have asked Agilent reps about this and they have sent me different training modules - I've gone through these and all the report sections save/generate reports as a pdf format. Can someone show me a picture of what a .xlsx generated report looks like? It can be from any general method. If the report templates are set to have a picture of the chromatogram, RTs, compound list, etc., will all of that be included in the .xlsx file format?

Also, I see that there is a "Print All" option in the report box in the processing window. Will that allow .xlsx reports of every injection/line to be generated into a file directory? (Can you customize that directory?) Is there a way to generate multiple injections into a single report? i.e. for when you perform a triplicate injection of a single sample?

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