How do I edit a ChemStation batch (*.B) file?

Shouldn't it be the simplest thing in the world to put all the chromatograms I want in a batch into one folder, and then create a new *.B from that folder? Specifically, I don't want to alter anything about individual chromatograms - I want to decide which chromatograms I want to be in my batch, potentially from multiple sequences. I want to have a list of .D folders that turn into a .B file. 


I can, of course, do everything I want to without altering or creating a new batch file, but it is very inelegant and takes longer. Context: I am a high-throughput chemist. 


There are so many times I want to do this. Examples: 

  • I run a 96-well plate as a sequence, and I realize one of the samples or injections was wrong, so I rerun it
  • I run a long sequence, and half way through there's an error and it stops. I recommence at the half-way point
  • I rename a .D folder (only change the bit before the ".D") so it works better with other software, but now I can't load the original *.B file as it can't find the chromatogram
  • (Worst of these) I queue up four 96-well plates to run together overnight. If I want to analyse them each as individual batches, I have to manually click 96 checkboxes when I open the *.B. 


I am more than happy to do some coding outside ChemStation to do this, but the *.B seems impenetrable. Thanks! 


Edit: I should have said: OpenLab CDS ChemStation, Rev. C.01.07 [27]

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