Instrument controller disaster test


We need to test to turn off the intrument controller (AIC) during a running a sequence.
In Ezchrom A.04.06, Build: 1.255.227 software it worked well, if we unplugged the cable and then re-plug it every sequence finished with complete results.
Now we upgraded to CDS 2.6 and this feature is not working because the sequence incomplete, only the last item in the run queue row finished and the results aren't complete after the connection loss.
Is it a software or a configuration issue?
Thanks for your help in advence.


  • Hello,

    CDS 2.x should work just like EZChrom for sequence already in the run queue when the connection is broken. The runs should complete and then be held in the upload queue as in the screenshot below. I severed the server connection 2 injections into the first sequence. After I reconnect the server the data should upload within 5 minutes. The screenshot is from the AIC in failover mode where I can view but not interact with the runs submitted in the normal mode. If I had started a sequence from the AIC in failover, that data would need to be uploaded manually when the connection was reestablished. Do you have 2 network cards in the AIC? Are you sure that disconnecting the network card did not have any effect on the instrument communication?

    Marty Adams

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