Problems with Agilent 1220 Infinity II LC and Chemstation C.01.07 SR3 [465]

Hello Community!

Our current Agilent 1220 Infinity II LC System was unused for nearly 2 years... After fixing everything in the apparature with LabAdvisor and perfoming an Installation Check i tried to connect the System with our Chemstation Software (it had to be reinstalled on the same PC because the PC was cleaned due to many crashes...)

A new instrument was created setting the "instrument type" as "Agilent LC Core System"

The configuration was done via Auto Configuration. The System was found and configurated.

Now comes the trouble... When i try to start the System in online-mode, this is how the interface looks like:

I can´t find any information about the bottles, the current state of the System at all... When i try to create a new Instrument method everything is grayed and i cant click any button to select specific parameters....

I would be very grateful if someone could solve my problem and me and my coworkers could start using the LC-system again.



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