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I've got a SEQ type CC that should be calculated only once during the reprocessing and a peak or group type that uses the result of the SEQ one. Since this the SEQ type CC is calculated inj number * peak number times.... is it possible to avoid the recalcs?  In the SEQ type CC there is an inputbox() for the case of some missing parameters and i don't want to enter it soooo many times.. only once. Try to add sample order filter, but if the given sample has not any peaks then it fails... I'm lost Slight smile



  • Peter,

    Are you asking if the value can be stored in some fashion, so you do not need to enter it each time you reprocess? If not, are you saying that when you reprocess, the system asks you to enter the same value multiple times even though the scope is per sequence. I did a quick test shown below and the system only required a single entry for the sequence with 20 + injections.

    Marty Adams

  • Hi Martin!

    Funny, i use the SEQ CC [cc_STDRF] directly like:

    "if(Sample_type=3 or sample_type=15,Compound_Area*cc_STDRF/Sample_Amount*100,0)"

    it's repeating the input field endless....

    but after changing it like in your sample code :

    "if(Sample_type=3 or sample_type=15,Compound_Area*CurrentSequence.GetDoubleCC("cc_STDRF")/Sample_Amount*100,0)"

    it works :) Why?  What is the difference? For me it's the same.


  • Hello,

    So, I am not sure what is going on in the backend with that code, but I have seen issues with directly using the CC name. I created a CCF file for a customer and directly referenced a CC name in a calculation. The calculation was similar to yours where a sequence scope value was used in a peak scope calculation. The calculation worked fine but when the customer used it the performance was slow for some injections. In looking at the issue, I found the injections that had the problem had many more (400+ vs 20) peaks than the typical results. I rewrote the CCs to remove unneeded iterations of the calculations but also changed to the CurrentSequence.GetDoubleCC method to call the reference CC value. Once I made that specific change the performance improved drastically for the CC processing. I was not sure the cause at the time, but it seems your issue might indicate a reason. I also talked to the CDS product group about the use of complex VB code in CC and they are saying it is not documented or supported. They did not block it in CC so it is available but use at your own risk.

    Marty Adams

  • Hi!

    I hope they'll let us use VB code in the further version of OL. There are many things that can be done with it in some steps, but with classic CC way it's almost impossible. (In my case there are 3 level calibration, with 3-3-1 different preparations/std weights, all std solutions are spiked with a sample solution, the weighed std has an uniqe potency in g/mg. The average response factor should be calculated from the std areas corrigated by average of dedicated sample solution area...  )



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