Filtering function in intelligent reporting...

So let's say my data file contains four signals; DAD1, MSD1 (SCAN), MSD2 (SIM), MSD3 (SIM). In the intelligent report template I have, I usually have all the chromatograms displayed, followed by all the integration information.

What I'm trying to do is to filter out the MSD1 (SCAN) data so it doesn't show up in the integration table or sometimes also not in the chromatogram section (depending on what we are looking for). But I can't get the 'Filtering' option in the Properties to work the way I want to.

If I take the chromatograms, I can select "Signal_Description" with "Contains" and if I set the value to DAD1* or MSD2*, I will get only that specific chromatogram, but how do I go about to either excluding only one chromatogram or including DAD1, MSD2, MSD3 only? The default operator only shows up as "And" when adding lines with no options of "Or" since the operator used is not "=". I can't use the signal ID, because it's not a simple number.

Ideally, I would like to have something easier where I can just say 'don't print the data if the signal description contains the word "SCAN"', but that doesn't seem possible either?

I'm using OpenLabs CDS C.01.07.


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