Periodic software crashes in OpenLab CDS 2.6

I am experiencing periodic software crashes in OpenLab CDS 2.6. The software will crash every few weeks while the system is running - we use it for a 7890 GC. We haven't observed the crashes in person since they typically happen overnight while the instrument is running and no one is around. When a crash occurs, the software does not re-launch, so all samples still in the instrument queue do not run.

I initially spoke with Tech Support by phone, who suggested I look at Windows Task Manager services to make sure all Aglient services are running. Tech Support noted that we have a distributed system because there is a 'Distributed Transaction' service running, and recommended I make a post here to get more information.

In the OpenLab Control Panel System Activity Log, I only see two entries related to the software crashes:
1) 'OLSS host windows services started', and about 1 minute later, 2) 'Uploaded partially acquired rsult set during recovery'

Our IT Administrators haven't been able to find anything within the operating system that seems to be causing the crashes. Does anyone have recommendations for resolving this issue?

I've attached screenshots of the Windows Task Manager services, Control Panel System Activity Log, and Control Panel Local Configuration, but please let me know what additional information you'll need regarding our system to diagnose these software crashes.


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