Capture a screenshot of Agilent scope using, python

I'm trying to to capture a screenshot of an Agilent scope in python but using read_raw give me an issue “print cancel” can you please help

`import pyvisa as visa
 import sys
 # Example VISA address for a USB         connection:
 VISA_ADDRESS = 'USB0::0x2A8D::0x1797::CN57046145::0::INSTR'
# Define VISA Resource Manager
scope = visa.ResourceManager('C:\\Windows\\System32\\visa32.dll')
scope.read_termination = '\n'
scope.write_termination = '\n' #or = '\r'

print (scope.query('*IDN?\n'))
scope.write('SAVE:IMAG:FILEF PNG')
scope.write(':HARDcopy: STARt')
raw_data = scope.read_raw ()
f= open ('Shot.png' 'wb')
f.write (raw_data)
f.close `
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