My retention time window quandary

Hey thre,

I'm using version OpnLab CDS C.01.10 [201]. When I go into calibration and go through calibration>calibration settings, I see an RT window with a time and plus / minus a percentage. So, can somebody please direct me to where I can read more about how this works? I would like to enter a retention time and a time window for each peak separately-- about 30 peaks in total. The window I'm look at seems like it only allows a time and a percentage for the entire method.

You've all been very helpful in the past, so thanks greatly for the help.


  • Hi

    When you will go make new calibration then new tab will appear, that time you can enter RT/Area/Amount etc..then after save it...

  • HI Rick

    If you want to read something, from the Help menu, head to Learning and Manuals.  From the web browser, select User Documentation.  Choose the Concepts and Workflows documentation.  Or select Learning Modules from the browser and there's something on the calibration workflow there.

    Once you have a calibration table with all of your compounds, you can use the calibration settings to start with, then head to the calibration table.  One of the options allows you to change the start and end of the identification window for each compound separately. 

    I'm not aware of a way to set these values to a +/- just the absolute start and end time of each window.


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