Openlab CDS - Calibration curves with 2 different sequences?

Hello, We are trying to calibrate our column using external standards, I have 2 different sequences that I would like to, if possible, put into the same processing method. Is this a possibility or do I need to shoot everything together in same sequence? 

  • You should be able to calibrate with multiple standards in one processing method.  Define each standard as a separate calibration level.  For example, standard 1 = cal level 1.

  • Well the issue is I set up a large curve with 17 levels/points for 3 different analyses and set the shutdown aquisition to the end and left for the evening Friday. When I returned the vialer had a panic & stopped right before starting the last analyte so my tech decided to just run that last analyte on a separate sequence rather than shoot them all at once. But to your answer- I have 3 STDs with 1000ppm, how do I combine the 3 into the same vials without decreasing the concentration in a way I don't want, that confuses me. I want a curve that can capture very large percents & very low (0.01ppm to 1000 ppm) with all 3 analytes. I feel so silly that I'm overthinking this whole thing but I know that I don't have to shoot them separately, right? 

  • Hello,

    If the problem is you ran your standards in 2 sequences because of a one time issue the easiest solution would be to combine the injections into a single sequence. You can search the online help and learning for "create a new result set" to find detailed steps.

    Marty Adams

    Create a new result set

    Creating new, self-assembled result sets can be helpful in the following scenarios:

    • You want to combine single samples, sequences, or a combination of both in order to reprocess them with a specific method.

    • You want to combine data from different sources in the same result set.

    • You want to shorten a sequence.

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