How do i set up intelligent reporting to report all calibrated peaks, even when compounds are not detected?


Sorry for my ignorance on what seems like it should be an easy question. I've gone a few years without using Chemstation and I'm relearning quite a bit.

I'm using c.01.10, and I am trying to export my reports as an excel file to a specific folder after identifying peaks. The classic reporting format works perfectly, but i'm not given a choice on where to save a copy when i'm specifying the report in data analysis.

Intelligent reporting does this perfectly, but all of the default reports only report out the identified compounds. How can i modify one of these reports to list all calibrated compounds, regardless of detection?

Thanks in advance!

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  • is there a way for the report to still read out the retention times for the missing peaks? I'm trying to have an excel file read and dump the data in the same way every time, but simply reporting the missing peaks without the retention times alters the order the compounds are reported in, which causes issues with the excel dumping.

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