Licensing error message

Hi we use two GC 6890 with one PC, today a Licensing error message appeared suddenly and after we checked License status we see invalid !

What is the cause of the problem and how it can be solved?

  • Hello,

    I am assuming you are using an OpenLab software product (OpenLab CDS, OpenLab ChemStation, OpenLab EZChrom). If that is true, then the license file for the system should have been generated from your SubscribeNet account (accessed at ) using the PC's hostname and MAC address.

    The first thing I would check would be if the workstation PC's hostname has been changed so that it no longer matches the hostname in the license file. Another possibility would be if a network adapter has recently been replaced/disabled, then the MAC address used in the license file may no longer be active on the PC. More information on how to gather this information and generate a license file can be found here: FAQ: How to Generate the License File in SubscribeNet | Agilent

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