ERROR: Incomplete results

"Instrument" software of our LC doesn´t show analysis results anymore. When we try to open result data, it shows the message "Incomplete results. 1 out 1 data files do not have a result file and will not show up on the report. To generate results recalculate or reprocess the affected runs in the DA view. All last results are shown as "(in progress)..." in the left DA taskbar.

Were checked:
- drivers - updated, no changes
- license - "active" in the ControlPanel
- windows system and app error log - no corresponding errors
- Flexnet and results log files

One of the results log file shows the following message:
- Error in Hook PreRun : BatchOnPreRun
  In Command SaveObj in macro BatchSaveRegister_DuringRun at line 879 in file C:\CHEM32\CORE\BATCH.MCX at line 879 in file C:\CHEM32\CORE\BATCH.MCX System Error: Access on a WINDOWS resource (#16140) failed.

What does this message mean? How can this problem be solved?

Instrument: Agilent Infinity I 1260 model HPLC

Software: OpenLAB CDS ChemStation Edition 01.07.465

P.S. There are no problems with sequence running, data acquisition is the only problem. Similar system doesn`t have this type of error.

Thank you for your help.


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