We have a GC connected with a HS equipment, which once the analysis is finished when the report is printed, it appears as in the following image (No Data Available):

But when you see the Status screen in the Openlab CDS 2.5, it appears that the sample is injected and the peaks come out in the screen where it belongs.

I have checked the method of acquisition and it is correct. I've also checked the recorded data.

When I have entered inData Analysis no signal appears recorded in the injected samples.

but if I injected de sample with ChemStation (old one). The data is recorded perfectly.

¿Anyone know what happens and how to solve it?

Thank you 

  • Hello , Thus far what I noted that seemed odd is, in the screenshot of the report you posted, it is showing the inj vol as 0.000.  Curious where it is getting the 0.000 from.  Perhaps if you enter an actual vol for injection it might process the results...but it could be more complicated than this.  Have you been able to figure this out yet?

  • Hello,

    You might want to check the acquisition method to make sure you selected a signal channel to save. This is a common issue since new methods have no signals selected to save by default.

    Marty Adams

  • Hello chpackar, the injection volumen is 0.000 because it comes from HeadSpace, maybe this parameter (inj vol) is not correct for that.

  • Hello martin.adams, 

    the first thing that I did was rechecked so many time the adquisition method, and everything was correct. The problem was that the acquisition method was corrupted. Although the parameter to save the data (in signals) was selected, the equipment recognized it as not selected and it did not save the data. I had to make all acquisition methods from scratch. Now they work well. 

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