Custom calculation file, grouping of CC's


I have a question about the custom calculation file:

Is it possible to group multiple CC's together?

The reason I am asking this, is because i am making a Template CCF to use in our department.
We recently had our first training about Custom calculations, and my boss decided that we should always start from a template with most of our formulas already in it.
This means that some of them are going to be specifically for LC, some for GC, etc. and we enable/disable whatever we need. Making a copy per template we are working at.
I'm already at 64 CC's in it and i have more to go...

It would be very handy if i could group some together, give them a name, and maybe collapse them as i'm working on other things.
It would also make it more easy to find something in the clutter of things Stuck out tongue

Maybe this can be a feature request? 

And while i'm at it, why cant the CC editor find folders? 
In a year from now, it could be that we have 100 different CC Files in our testing environment. We already have our result files and report templates in folders. Why can't we do the same for the CC files...? 

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