No detected compound of interest in report

When in some process samples, the sample do not content the calibrated peak in chemstation automatically appear in the report the calibrated peak  and 0, un all columns of the table.

In OpenLab CDS, do not appear table. 

In ChemStation:

In OpenLab CDS:

What formulas are needed to put undetermined peaks appeared in table in the report in OpenLab?

  • Hi

    Look in the Peaks/Repeating or Peak Filters section of the table properties and tick the box to include missing peaks.  You don't say which version of OpenLab CDS you are using, but this is a screenshot from version 2.6:

    This will add lines for the compounds that are absent, but won't put zeroes in the amount or concentration columns.  You'll need to change the value in this column to a formula that checks the value:

    =IIF(Compound_Amount > 0, Compound_Amount, 0)

    This should put zeroes in the gaps in the Compound amount column.


  • Hi Andy, 

    It works perfectly! Thank you very much. Our version of CDS is 2.5, but is the same screenshoot. 


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