Openlab workstation 2.5 - Error connection to the selected server failed.

This is on a standalone unnetworked PC. Any help is greatly appreciated. This has an Hplc and GC attached both agilent.

  • Hi

    First of all, you have to restart complete system then check..

  • Do you mean turn it off and on again? As I already tried that.

  • Hi Rush,

    it looks as you use OpenLAB CDS Workstation Plus. As first, alfrescotomcat should be Running as well. Please, check the PostgreSQL service responsible for database as on the PLUS edition, PostgreSQL provide databases for Shared Services and Data Store.

    As first aid, you can insert OpenLAB CDS installation or download from Subsribenet ant try run install as "repair" step.

    As second, if this is a compliance setup, you should have regular backup? Slight smile

    As third looks to C:\Program Data\Agilent\LogFiles to server log for more information why Shared Services not runing.



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