Windows 7 to Windows 10

Hi community 

we use in our lab open lab software CDS with Windows 7 (C.01.05 and C.01.06)rev.  ,if We buy a new PC Windows 10 and C.01.10 .

Should We buy a new license or use old license ?


  • Hi Dheya,

    I think when you will buy new c.01.10 then license will come along with this.

    But if you want to use old license then yoy have to check that license is versioned or not versioned.

    Check below supporting documents for detail..

  • Hi ISH,

    Many thanks for Valuable information in this document

  • Just to add to what ISH has stated.  Yes if you purchase a new C.01.10 it will come with a new license.  To add to that statement if you have a previous version of Chemstation, a Chemstation Upgrade can be purchased which also comes with a license.

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