Why the report table does not calculate average correctly?


I have managed finally to set the calculation formulas to the OpenLAB CDS.

However, the report does not calculate the average correctly:

It only shows that the mean is the same as the last injection result.

Is there some box I need to tick in the summary calculations?

Thank you for help!

  • Hello,

    What version of CDS software are you using? What is the value of the column that is having this issue? Is that just the compound concentration or a custom calculation of some kind? From what I see it should work fine. 

    Marty Adams

  • Hi,

    we are facing similar problem in OpenLAB CDS 2.5. If you have custom calculation in column you can get this errors in build-in statistics. We advice to workaround this issue with aggregator feature. Simply save result of calculation as aggregator and then print Avg, RSD as Text field using value from Variables->Aggregator. That is all I can recommend at this time.

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