Why can't I add compound amounts?

Greetings one and all,

I'm running on OpenLab CDS C.01.10 [201].

I have decided to add a few compounds from one calibration (cal "B") to another (cal "A"). In the data analysis I load my data for B. I then load method "A" from the master method. In the calibration menu I click "insert" and the box comes up. I enter the retention time and the cal level. I make sure I have selected the correct signal. "insert peaks on all calibrated signals" and "insert all cal levels" are unclicked. Everything  looks good. I add the retention time and insert the peak, I get the RT and the cal level. The name is blank, the peak area, and amount are both zero. Fine, I have those and can enter them. I enter the peak area. Sweet. BUT I cannot enter the corresponding amount. It is as if that particular cell is locked. Why is this? How can I get around it?

On another note: Is when I add all my cal levels the are in some odd order. When I'm done and I go through each compound to make sure everything looks ok they will be listed from top to bottom in each compound in orders like 2,1,5,3,4. I would like them listed in each compound in ascending order. How can I reorder these levels within the individual compounds?

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