GC 6890N MAC address

I am trying to pair the GC 6890N to an old Windows XP. The software successfully downloaded, but I cannot get the the GC to connect to the computer.

I have set up an IP address for GC. I know my computer's IP, subnet, gateway, etc. I need the MAC address and hostname of the GC.

What I have done

1) called the logfile for the Agilent Bootp - it was empty

2) Used the command prompt and pinged the GC IP address - nothing shows up, even after power cycling the GC

3) I have looked for a physical MAC address on the control card but I do not know where this is in the instrument and I do not have a JetDirect card to reference

Help me revive this GC that has been sitting for 5 years, unwanted and unloved!


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