How to get calibration equation parameters in report


I need to get slope and intercept of calibration curve for particular compound, lets call it "Compound1", and use it in custom calculation.

The reason is I want to "quantify" some peaks relative to this calibration.

So, I would like to know how to get custom calculation giving something like this:

 AllCalibrations.Where(compound_name = "Compound1").Select(CalibrationCurve_A_Coeff)

etc for slope

how to actually do the query?

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  • I forgot to emphasize, I need to be able access calibration data stored in the processing method. However, no stds in sequence, only samples. calibration is run, then only samples are measured for a long time...

    for sample type sample, i cannot get anything in the report related to cal...

    thank you

    i know the info is stored in the method, you can quantify using stored calibration. i just need to be able to access it in reports or custom calculations.

  • Hi Martin

    Is there any reason that you can't just put the other compound(s) into the compounds table and use calibration by reference to another compound in the calibration table?

    (I tried to post a picture of the calibration table, but I can't seem to do that at the moment!)

    To get the calibration coefficients in a custom calculation:

    CurrentInjection.AllPeaksAndGroups.Where(function(item) item.Compound_Name = "Compound 1").First().CalibrationCurve.CalibrationCurve_A_Coefficient

    Hope this helps


  • Hello Andy

    thank you for your answer. It is working fine. when i was trying, i didnt put the First(). after Where, and could understand why it was an error. I assume the blabla.Where(function etc) returns a list?

    meanwhile i solved it using total area as timed group, calibrating against compound 1 as reference, then in report %area based on some filters setup in the report, saved as variable and multiply the result of the total by the %...

    why i wouldnt use another compound in cal table and reference calibration? 

    i was trying to quantify a group, but could not be timed group, so that is why...

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