Looking for ChemStation manual

I am using GC ChemStation Rev B.04.03-SP1[87] on a Windows 7 pro computer with HP-6890 GC and I am having a hard time with calibrations.  I read the "Getting Started" and the "Understanding" guides but they don't give enough details for what I need.  Can someone please recommend a resource that could help?  I would really appreciate it!

  • Thanks, I followed the link but can't figure out where to find it.  Do you have a direct link to the manual?  I would really appreciate it!

  • Thank you so very very much!!!

  • Check above pdf manual.

    Hope, it's okay with you..

  • Yes, it's perfect!!!  Thank you!

  • Hope, you are looking for this manual..

  • Please verify answer if it's okay..

  • After I am done defragmenting files I'll follow instructions in the manual to see if I can overcome the challenges I was experiencing earlier.  I'll let you know how it went!  Thanks again!

  • Cleaning up the temp files really helped!  I deleted about 600 Mb of them and now much computer is running much more smoothly.  Thank you very much again!

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