Need exported OpenLab file to open in AMDIS or Chemstation

I am trying to get a collaborator to send me a GCMS file that is readable in either AMDIS, OpenChrom or Chemstation. They are using version 3.2 of OpenLab. 

So far they have sent me

a) a bunch of .bin and .rx files

b) .CDF files that AMDIS says they can't read the header on

c) .D folders that only contain a text doc with the sample name and an empty .MAC file

Could you please walk me through how this can happen? I thought the .CDF issue had been cleared up in OpenLab in the newer versions.


  • Hello,

    Due to the age of this forum post I’ve marked this as resolved.  If you are able to please reply to this thread and let us know how the problem was solved. 


  • Hello,

    Depending on the version of the CDS(2.x) software you have the following procedure should be available to export MS data to Chemstation format. This document can also be found in the OpenLab Help and Learning. If your version does not have the Chemstation export tool then you would need to upgrade to a later version to allow this process. 


    Export both ChemStation raw data and MS spectra

    This procedure explains how to export both ChemStation raw data files (.ch format) and MS spectra (.ms format) into the same .D folders.

      1. In the Tools > Post Processing Plugins node of the processing method, add the following plugins:

        • ChemStation export

        • AIA export

      2. Ensure that ChemStation export runs first, and AIA export runs afterwards. If required, click  or  to adjust the sort order.

      1. For the ChemStation export plugin, provide an export path where you want the .D folders to be created.

    For example, C:\CDSProjects\MSD data\Results\Export. The .D folders will be automatically created using the given data file names.

      1. For the AIA export plugin, use the same export path, but append the <DX>.D.

    For example, C:\CDSProjects\MSD data\Results\Export\<DX>.D.

    <DX> is the token for the data file name. A folder with the name <DX>.D has been created by the ChemStation export plugin. The .ms files will then be created inside the correct .D folders.

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