Macros to get method temperatures

I'm trying to do the following on a 6850 GC running Chemstation C.01.07 SR2

(a) Get current oven temperature

(b) Get current method oven programming details: mainly the initial temperature and the final temperature

(c) Possibly be able to read a method's oven programming details without loading it (like if it's the next in the sequence): again, mainly the initial temperature and the final temperature

It doesn't look like methods are loaded into registers or that there are any text files with the method's details within the .M folder (as in some other Chemstation versions).

Most of the RC.Net stuff seems to apply to LC as well.  If anyone has access to the "available command set" one can use with SendModule$, please let me know as I was unable to find this anywhere.

Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated.


  • Thought I would answer my own question after figuring it out.  Can easily get the next method out of the next line in the sequence; then can read the "hp68501.mth" file (in my case, since it's a 6850) from the method's folder and parse out the line containing the oven program starting with "OVTR" where the first number is the method's initial temperature.  Can then get the current oven temperature/status through "SendModule$(GC1, OVST)".  Not as elegant as I had wished for, but it works.

    If anyone was wondering why I was trying to do this, it's because we use a third-party application to run the autosampler and we wanted to time the injection loop to match the 'Ready For Injection' on the GC so that we didn't add unecessary seconds in-between runs or alternatively have the sample sitting in the syringe too long before injection.

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