EZChrom and Openlab alternate control of GC-FID

We have a GC-FID which is currently controlled by a desktop installation of EZChrom (don't have the version number to hand). We are going to upgrade to a client server version of Openlab 2.X and would still like to run the GC-FID with EZChrom to complete validation tests, is it possible to switch between the 2 software systems ie . one day run the instrument using EZChrom (desktop) and the next day run with Openlab 2.X (client server) without causing any issues or conflicts?

Does anybody have any experience of this scenario to share and thoughts on how switching between the 2 would affect the validated status of each if at all?

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  • I don't think it would have a problem as long as you're not trying to connect with both software platforms at the same time.  I've seen other customers do similar things (GCMS/FID, using MSD Chemstation for MSD work and GC Chemstation for FID work).

  • MS systems have firmware tied closely to the software running it, but a simply GC with FID is more flexible.  The Agilent GC instrument driver is designed to be backward compatible, you shouldn't have any problems with bouncing the GC-FID between the two software platforms.  As Lance mentioned, just don't try to connect both software systems at the same time.

    Since the firmware is not changing on the GC, it should not impact a hardware qualification of the GC.  Software OQs require an instrument for instrument communication testing, but the firmware or type of instrument is not specified as part of the OQ.  That said, ultimately questions about the validation status is always up to your validation department to make the final decision, as what is okay or not may depend on how the validation paperwork has been written up.

    Many companies have undertaken similar approaches when switching to client/servers or upgrading client/server systems and need to test the new system while still having instrument capacity on the old system.

  • Hi Both

    Thanks for your response. That sounds encouraging, just not sure on what validation activities if any would need to be repeated and by whom if we were switching between the 2 software platforms.

  • This may sound like I'm dodging the question, but that question can only be answered by your validation department or team.  Each company comes up with their own scopes of work about what would invoke a requalification.  For example company that has written their validation work very strictly would state if you slide that GC 1 inch to the left, the entire system has to be requalified.  Others don't write their validation that strictly and would be okay with sliding the instrument 1 inch if no actual changes were made to the instrument itself or the computer running it.

    In your case it sounds like no firmware changes will be made to the GC during the testing, and testing a new set of software won't impact the old software as long as they reside on different computers, which I'm sure they do. 

    I've delivered many GC hardware qualifications, and Agilent workstation and client/server qualifications.  Nothing about Agilent's hardware or software OQs would be impacted by what you plan to do.  In fact installing the new client/server system requires an instrument to complete the communication test of AIC software qualification.  

    So if any type of type of re-validation is called for, it would be in your SOPs.  My guess is your SOPs aren't written that strictly but you would need to confirm with your validation department or team.

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